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This is the worst definition on UD.com

Others come close, very close, but since the name of the definition is "worst definition" it is the worst definition.
Yeah, the worst definition on Urban Dictionary is worst definition. It is so lame!
by Mohammed April 05, 2005
Short for Middle-East Coalition. This is a alliance of many Middle eastern nation that will form in early 2005 with alliances between Iran and Syria upon threats of US Sanctions against Iran.

Their goal to rid the arab world of Americans will be acheived around 2006-2007. Once the US pulls out, Iraq will be cleansed of any US ways, and the demise of Israel will begin.

Upon this time, the shift in world military superpowers will begin.
The MEC will attack anyone who threatens arab nations.
by Mohammed February 16, 2005
A free first person shooter game released by the U.S. Army. It is supposedly realistic, but is in almost every way unrealistic. It is just Counter Strike with Army models.

If it were realistic there would be no crosshairs. You would have to aim down the sight for good accuracy. BUT, it is all fire from the hip RAMBO bullshit.

IF it were realistic, there would be gore and blood. Blood would be all over they players body from his comrades being blown away by an RPG. But no blood, no gore. Really realistic.....

If it were realistic, firing a M249 SAW WHILE running at FULL AUTO would have ZERO accuracy. In America's Army however, you can kill someone down a fucking street.

America's Army, while a fun game to kill some time with, depicts the Army as being a fun shoot em up thing to make gullible kids join. Good Job Army..
Dude, Like Im soo gonna join the Army and fire the SAW from the hip and kill dem sand niggers like in the game..!
by Mohammed March 30, 2005

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