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A collection of blessing
by Mohammad September 22, 2003
The feeling of being annoyed to a very high extent.
That way I would have got rid of all my pissed-off-ness.
by Mohammad November 14, 2003
anotha way to say wut up
so wutz down niggaz
by mohammad February 02, 2004
when you go to the car wash and you want to get your rims all bling blingin' you ask the guy for a rim job
"I went to the car wash today and got a rim job now they be so clean you can see your reflection"
by Mohammad March 30, 2004
My hometown of Crimora, is the biggest crank capital in virginia and is known by many as the factory since crank and meth are in abudence here
"you riding down the the factory later? I need some of that crimora crank"
by Mohammad April 02, 2004
most commonly used by rednecks, for just about anything good or bad
redneck 1: "my wife and kids they left me, I lost my job and my Hemi is busted"
Redneck 2: "well Hell yeah!!!"
by Mohammad April 02, 2004
Sect of islaam who inventes new, stupid, weird, things in order to get closer to Allah.. these things include dancing singing spinning in circles haseesh levitating and sitting in a dark room repeating "huuuuuuuuu" over and over
Damn after going on the Teacup ride at disney world, my head was spinning like a sufi.
by Mohammad March 07, 2005

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