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an emo girl simply refers to a female who enjoys music labeled "emo".

emo girls, like emo boys, are intellectual music snobs, and are very particular about the music they listen to. emo kids usually prefer underground bands, and would never listen to anything on MTV. in fact, if a band that an emo kid listens to is heard on MTV, the emo kid will immediately discontinue listening to that band. emo kids are usually very bright and interested in philosophy.

since the term "emo" has hit the mainstream in approximately 2005, the style of clothing and music associated with "emo" is completely wrong compared to the true meaning of the term "emo". the 2005 mainstream style of emo is identical to the goth style of dress, and rock-pop-punk music. this new mainstream style is completely inaccurate, and should not be labeled as emo.

emo girls are NOT all-black wearing cutters. if a girl wears all black, is a cutter, and calls herself emo, she is mistaken, and probably a poser. it is more likey that she is goth, or a disturbed individual in need of professional help.

a real emo girl wears whatever she wants, and has a style that resembles punk. she probably shops at a thrift store, cuts and dyes her hair herself. and is opposed to any manufactured look.

emo girls and boys

emo music examples:
rites of spring
sunny day real estate
texas is the reason
promise ring
jets to brazil

emo style examples:
thick glasses
thrift store shirts
band t-shirts
converse shoes

NOT EMO music:
chemical romance
fall out boy
panic! at the disco
by MoeMo April 14, 2007

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