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2 definitions by Moe UK

Town situated in North East England,
1 Hour South of Newcastle.
Great attractions such as: Historic Quay, Marina, Lawrence, Divvy Sharon..
Moe: This towns a shit hole
Trev: Be gratefull you don't like in Hartlepool.


Moe: Isnt Hartlepool were Lawrence is?
Trev: Yes im related to him.
by Moe UK October 19, 2008
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The famous canoeist from Hartlepool who faked his death for insurance purposes, whos name is now used in humourous phrases.
He is the reason why the area of Hartelpool, Seaton Carew is now known as "Seaton Canoe".
Trev's been missing for 2 weeks now, I think he's done a John Darwin.

Im sick of this s£$#t hole, I feel like doing a John Darwin.
by Moe UK October 19, 2008
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