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someone who jerks off to literature and or proper use of grammer
my LA teacher is a bookhandler,
by Moe Lester March 24, 2005
someone who has neither the drive nor ambition to do any other than sit around the house and finger bang their ass all day. also accepted 'fing bang', 'finger banger', 'fing'.
"Quite being a pile of crap and get a job fingbing!"
by Moe Lester January 24, 2004
A waterfall that has many rocks that hit your ass.
I hurt my ass on the garboozle.
by Moe Lester March 10, 2005
the most run down building in town of ladner. refered to as 'the ghetto' by it's occupants, the smell of piss and drugs lingers throghout the vast 36 appartment spread. if you know who owns it, please contact us immeditately...
"i'm going to 'the ghetto' (lora court) to see the child molestor and buy some drugs. if i'm not back in ten minutes, just wait longer."
by Moe Lester January 24, 2004
a wrinkly and brown paynuse that resembles a poop
WTF bradly, why didnt u tell me u had a poopy penis
by Moe Lester March 24, 2005
That vagitarian was licking pussy.
by Moe Lester November 16, 2002
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