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As defined by Urban Dictionary, a female named Brittany is a wonderful, smart, caring, beautiful girl. This is not the case, for a new type of Brittany is starting to emerge. This is the new definition for a modern day Brittany:

Someone who sleeps around with 20+ guys, claims to be the hottest even though they look like they were smacked in the face with a frying pan repeatedly, 50lbs overweight and thinking they are the coolest shit since sliced bread even though they have more rolls then an upscale bakery. Tends to say the same thing over and over because they think its funny, for example: "Cool story bro." or "Thats cute, real fucking cute." Generally tends to act like, and be a bitch for most of their life while accomplishing absolutely nothing. Is a spoiled child and has meltdowns during the middle of class, directly resulting them in being kicked out of class while being escorted by a Principal and or school Officer.
Shaq- Bro, Michelle is acting like a Brittany.

Jake- Not really, more like a Jones.

Mike- Dude did you here Brittany screaming that crap in the halls of Wakeland High School? She was saying, "I HAVE A BABY." and "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!" after she got kicked out of art by Carter.

Shaq- I heard that! ROFLCOPTER! I heard the school is now called Wakeland Insane Asylum. If you have a mental breakdown at school, its called "Getting some from BJ" or "Pulling a Brittany"
by ModernDayDefinitions July 26, 2011

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