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Zionism is nothing more than a national Jewish movement for the recreation of Israel, which biblically and historically is the birthplace of the Jewish people. It is a yearning for the return to zion, and for 2000 years after exile from the land it was a part of Jewish culture. It is rooted on principles of democracy and equality, practically the opposite of racism. Only 80% of Israel is Jewish, but the people there comprise nationalities from over 100 countries.
The main essence of Zionism bases itself on the ideal that the Jews will have a safe haven in Israel after constant persecution throughout the Middle Ages, and Holocaust. It grants immediate citizenship to Jews and non-Jewish family members, but is not racist because individuals who are not elgible for immediate citizenship are elgible under the regular procedures, very much like other countries. That is not racism.
The whole terminology of Zionism is racism is based on Russian and Arab U.N. resolutions. It was aimed at taking away Israel's political legitimacy. Even Kofi Annan called this resolution a "low point" in its corrupt purpose. Now in the U.N. this is being reintroduced due to propoganda implemented by the extremist left wing.
Zionists are individuals who support ethnic union as much as any liberal would.
by Moderate February 24, 2005
Formerly a large world trading center in the middle of Mannhatan, New York. Often times these towers had been used to give a sense of patriotism to those who dwell in the city. On September 11, 2001, planes, hijacked by terrorists, crashed into these towers and destroyed them, leading to the loss of about 3000 innocent lives. This major world event has sparked an ongoing political debate on fear of Islam; whether it is rational to fear an ongoing spread of terrorism or whether the event is being exploited by the U.S. government. Right-wingers pick the former, claiming that the war in Afghanistan and Iraq are justified for preventive security reasons and the removal of potentially dangerous tyrannical dictators. Left wingers claim that the war is nothing but an attempt to gain more oil, and that the Bush administration is corrupt. Some also claim that 9/11 was a conspiracy by the U.S. government.
The destruction of the twin towers has begun a large political war between liberals and conservatives.
by Moderate February 24, 2005

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