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Street slang in Guwahati for weed
"oi set, jhapoo maari aahiso neki?" meaning "Are you high on weed, you dickhead"
by Modahi August 30, 2009
Abbreviation for Surrendered ULFA militants, pronounced as a single word. ULFA is a separatist militant group in north east India. The "sulfa" are notorious for running the grey/black market in Assam and for their links with politicians of all parties.
"taar logot zeng nalagibi, xi sulfar manuh" ... meaning "Dont mess with him, he is a sulfa guy"
by Modahi August 30, 2009
1) Popular Assamese swear word, literally meaning dick. As with most swear words, can be used for abusing an enemy, addressing a friend, for emphasizing a part of a sentence or expressing general emotion.

2) Non derogatory reference to people from Assam, generally used by other people from India. This usage stems from the apparent inability of Assamese people to complete a sentence, without using the word 'kela'
"Oi kela, ki kori aaso baal?" ...meaning "Hey kela! What are you doing man? "

"Kela logon ka party kahan hain be?" ...Hindi for "Where are the kela Assamese guys partying?"
by Modahi September 03, 2009

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