2 definitions by Mobmaster

1) Casual Gamer : someone who plays videoGames at times

2) "Hardcore Gamer" : people who call themselves this are the kind that buy a new game every 5 days like GTAIV or HALO suck at them rage-quit and never get good

3) Pro/-Serious Gamer's : People who play video games to get better at them often these are the guys who know what the quality games are (ETQW , L4D & C&C), mostly play FPS or RTS.unlike common believe these are no the type that have no-life.

4) RPG-Gamer's : The bad kind , avoid at all costs , play WoW , Runescape and D&D , this is seen as rock bottom in society . most of these player's have no-social life and seek to create a new virtual one
1) I heard he was a gamer!!
- no he 's just a casual gamer

2) I'm a hardcore gamer , i own Halo and have all achievement's (not me actually)

3)MobMaster is a Semi-Pro Gamer

4)That kid that plays WoW has no life
by Mobmaster April 28, 2009
1. The fear of people with the name Gore. this is especially Al Gore (The guy from Al Gore's Global Warning)

2. The fear of the Outside This is mainly seen with Drugees and EMO's
Guy 1: I have a real agoraphobia
Guy 2: Yeah i Know Al Gore is a scary son of a *****
Guy 1: No dumb ass I'm afraid of the outside
Guy 2: Bye, i dont Hang out with Freaking EMOs
by Mobmaster November 26, 2007

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