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Quite possibly the worst piece of shit ever made that has somehow captured the attention of millions of unattractive women seeking a man in their life, and twisting their conceptions of a meaningful relationship to an abusive man that somehow manages to save their clumsy butts. Not only that its lack of plot and character development causes the fragile mind to start to break, causing permanent stupidity and a strong pull towards cullenism, in which fangirls will defend with some piss poor defense that a newborn baby could rip through
Fangirl: OMG!!!!!1!!11111!!!one Edward is like totally going to save me when I'm in trouble!

Me: Hate to break it to you, but he's not real, he's a fictional character created by a poor author to marry herself in a book that has made me hate a word so much that I now refer to the time by the less romantic word, dusk

Fangirl: How dare you say that? twilight is the best book ever!!!!!one1111!!! I should pwn joo for that!!!!!111!!!one!!!
by Mobius Leader May 24, 2009

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