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Used as a tagging marker in Twitter for creating lists and groups.
#wsd get immodium, lunch w/ @scobleizer
by Mlx March 01, 2008
Location Status Update for the place where you are when should be doing something else.
Foursquare check-in format: @ ProcrastiNation ! Surfing the Internet when I should be doing my taxes.
by MLx February 06, 2010
When all users of one networked product fail.

Reference: On December 31st, 2008 every single Zune user got a bsod due to a leap-year error in the audio-player's code.
Dude, we all go zuned by that squirrel in the substation last night.
by MLx January 01, 2009
Combination of snow and rain. (snou-ers)
It's too wet to make snow balls. Snowers suck.
by MLx January 17, 2009

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