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Title and main character of a kickass Shakespeare play. Gets quoted a lot. Has an awesome death scene at the end (ruined it for you!). About three hours long when it's actually performed, though.
-What's your favorite Shakespeare play?
-Hamlet, man!
by Mlle. Plath March 23, 2006
1. A complicated-seeming gadget, the purpose of which is nonexistent or difficult to discern. Popularized by comedian George Carlin in a skit where he explained that only in America was the patent for a left-handed cheese straightener already taken.

2. Something odd that can only be found in America.
Person 1: What the #$%&@ is that jumble of levers and pulleys supposed to be?
Person 2: Why, it must be a left-handed cheese straightener!
by Mlle. Plath March 15, 2006
Short for Transmetropolitan, a comic book series written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Darick Robertson.
Spider Jerusalem is the main character of Transmet.
by Mlle. Plath July 13, 2006
1. Misspelling of loml (love of my life) because one is typing too fast.

2. The Irish love of one's life-- "love of me life."
Saw my lomel again today. I love his lovely red hair.
by Mlle. Plath March 21, 2006

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