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4 definitions by Mlle. Plath

Title and main character of a kickass Shakespeare play. Gets quoted a lot. Has an awesome death scene at the end (ruined it for you!). About three hours long when it's actually performed, though.
-What's your favorite Shakespeare play?
-Hamlet, man!
by Mlle. Plath March 23, 2006
223 79
1. A complicated-seeming gadget, the purpose of which is nonexistent or difficult to discern. Popularized by comedian George Carlin in a skit where he explained that only in America was the patent for a left-handed cheese straightener already taken.

2. Something odd that can only be found in America.
Person 1: What the #$%&@ is that jumble of levers and pulleys supposed to be?
Person 2: Why, it must be a left-handed cheese straightener!
by Mlle. Plath March 15, 2006
11 4
Short for Transmetropolitan, a comic book series written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Darick Robertson.
Spider Jerusalem is the main character of Transmet.
by Mlle. Plath July 13, 2006
2 0
1. Misspelling of loml (love of my life) because one is typing too fast.

2. The Irish love of one's life-- "love of me life."
Saw my lomel again today. I love his lovely red hair.
by Mlle. Plath March 21, 2006
5 5