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A person, ignorant in nature, usually uneducated and non-culutred. Other typical characteristics include: Jealousy, Hatred, Low Self-Esteem, to name a few.
Punk Bitch include everyone, especially on this site, who attempts to denigrate Black American Culture, by making fun of it. This would include: 1)not recognizing ebonics as a real and seperate language (If you were to take any time at all and learn the pre-requisites for language identification, you would have to agree that ebonics is a language. Ebonics has its own origin, structure, words, culture, just to name a few of the requirements). 2)Writing definitions for words that you have no idea what they mean. 3) Those who attempt to be accepted by Black America by acting in such a way that you "fit in" (Realize that if you white, and you're saying "nigga" you will not get very far). 4) Lastly, all those who harbor negative emotions for other races (including black people who hate white people) and attempt to defame the character of the race based on the history of our nation and the actions of people. Yes, if someone is racist, they are wrong; it doesn't mean that you have to stoop to their level and be just as ignorant as them.

by Mjaye November 22, 2005
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