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Another name for pussy, usually having to do with eating pussy.
Nathan: Mmm... I could really go for some tacos right now...
Stan: Yeah, me too...
Stan's little sister, Nikki: That sounds good!
**Stan and Nathan crack up**
(true story)
by MizMulenko May 31, 2004
Something a guy says to:
a) get an ugly chick into bed
b) get a chick some self-esteem cuz he loves her (most of the time co-existing with above)
*Why do you like me? I'm fat and ugly!
*Cuz I like you for who you are... now lets have some fun, k?
*Omg! I am so fat and ugly, how can you stand me?
*I like you for how you are...
by MizMulenko May 31, 2004
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