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Someone who eats fast food frequently or over indulges the fast food experience; ordering specialty items, mixing condiments, requiring tedious preparation before dining, or preforming ritual or traditional tasks prior to consuming.
"Wow, that girl sure is a mcpiggins."

"Yes, notice the way she is piling copious amounts of their special sauce on the top of her food."

"My god, did she bring utensils from home?"

"Look, now she's arranging a massive collection of french fries in what appears to be a recreation of Golgatha."

"They will be forced to remove her from her seat using the Jaws of Life after inhaling all of that."

"Quite a McPiggins."

by MixMastaK November 11, 2009
Noun; Used to describe an extremely large butt.


One who was blessed or cursed with a rotund rear, that resembles the girth of the posterior of the amphibious creature hippopotamus.
"Hello sir, are you aware your wife was blessed with a hippopotomass?"

"Yes, I married her for that reason alone, a large fine bootious-maximus is highly desirable. Thank you for your observation."

"Good day."
by MixMastaK October 30, 2009


Describes someone who is 'riding the curb' or intentionally attempting or recklessly committing a dangerous action.

Used as a reference to drug use

An act of defiance

A show of positive reflection; such as when someone refers to another as being 'bad' they mean good, or 'sick' as in cool. Curbbin' or curbbing can be used to show respect.

A road way game where a driver rides the ledge or curb of a road and see's how long they can go before stopping.
"Jim is curbbing on that junk, he needs to quit."/

"Why are you curbbing on my ride? This is a brand new car."/

"Whoa, that girl is curbbin' bro."/

"Let's go curbbing while the police are busy trying to sort out that crunchy peanut butter problem."
by MixMastaK November 18, 2009
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