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4 definitions by Miu-Miu-Miu

An English expression used to describe happiness and joy. It is mostly used when certain ideas, situations, or themes are extremely positive.
Person 1: I say, this year has been jolly good so far!
by Miu-Miu-Miu January 06, 2009
To get told off by someone.
Most parents scold their children if they don't follow the rules of the household.
by Miu-Miu-Miu January 03, 2012
A person who is very expressive with how he/she feels.
For example, if someone is happy, they would smile. A person who is animated will be grinning and walking with a rhythm-like step to express their happiness, like a cartoon character.
by Miu-Miu-Miu November 09, 2009
1) Used when a specific person is so ignorant and hard-headed to your side of the story to the point that you can't stand it anymore. You have been patient and you have been trying to explain to them that what happened is something trivial, but they still don't get it after all this time. In other words, you get pissed off at the fact that they can't let go of stupid shit.

2) Someone that has been bugging you so much that you just want to kick their ass.
First definition is self-explanatory.

Second definition:

*at school*

Dave: Hey Jeff!
Jeff: Hey.
Dave: What are you doing?
Jeff: Studying for my History test.
Dave: You wanna play baseball with me and my friends?
Jeff: Sorry, I have a whole lot of work to do.

*20 minutes later*

Dave: Hey Jeff!
Jeff: Hi again...
Dave: What are you doing now?
Jeff: Still studying for my History test!
Dave: We're having another game of baseball. What to come?
Jeff: I still got a shitload of work to do!
Dave: Oh okay. See ya!

*20 minutes later*

Dave: Hey there Jeff!
Jeff: *gets really annoyed* Yo....What is it now?
Dave: I was just checking to see what you're doing.
Jeff: If you haven't noticed already, I'm still studying for my classes.
Dave: Do you want to play another game of-
Jeff: You're trying my patience right now, Dave! I really need to pass my classes, and you bugging me isn't helping!
by Miu-Miu-Miu December 30, 2009