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A leg kick to the extreme upper region of the human body (i.e. cranium).

It is noted that it takes on this resemblance in mid flight, looking like a whip made of meat with two large segments of bone to give it tinsel strength.

Also noted that a successful boney meat whip often cause such side effects in the receiver: concussion, fainting, temporal loss of all motor skills and headache.
"I don't know if he can get through that guard Mitch he... OMFG he boney meat whipped him through his guard and that is it ladies and gentlemen. That man is going home tonight."

"Man in all my years Bob I will never grow tired of watching one man boney meat whip another grown ass man into the hellish world of technical knockout."

"Indeed Mitch, well that was an excellent KO to leave our audience with, make sure to tune in tomorrow as the mangler goes up against Jake "the jackhammer" Neilson."

BOTH-"Goodnight everyone."
by MitchimusmaximuS August 07, 2011
A person who wears their shorts over the pajama bottoms.

This is a tactic used by people who want to be comfortable but have some utility to the social, or just plain physical situation.

Mostly worn by people whom are observed by most those around them as "chodes."
Check out that dude's pants, they're like "Chode Britches" or something.
by MitchimusmaximuS August 07, 2011
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