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The art of using the city as your playground. Urban running is mostly climbing buildings and using the city landscape to preform dangerous stunts. You must be fit to do this extreme sport.

Urban running is also know as free running.
Hey guys, let's go urban running! 'sept Brendan, he's too fat.
by Mitchell and Ben July 04, 2005
The remaining water in a speedo after you take it off, fun to rinse on people.
Lewis: "Hey"
Michael: "What?"
Michael: "Ahhhhh!!!"
Lewis: "Hahahaha!!!"
by Mitchell and Ben July 27, 2005
"maybe wearing "tightie whities" is socially acceptable for a high schooler in Canada" <-- Ryan

Well Ryan, I see why you have the impression that high schoolers in
Canada wear tighty whities, it's not accecptable in Canada, just in toronto, becausse their a bunch of fuck holes.

(Just trying to clear up the rep for the rest of Canadians...toronto sucks...and swallows)
If John Tomory went anywhere west of Toronto, he'd have his ass kicked for being a tighty whitie loser!
by Mitchell and Ben July 27, 2005
The inner child in you who think its funny to make you shiver while peeing.
Your a guy, you just woke up and you gotta go real bad, you dash to the bathroom an let flow you waterfall. All of a suddens you feel cold. As you start to shiver your flow is directed all over the bathroom. Damn the pee shivers.
by Mitchell and Ben July 06, 2005
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