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2 definitions by Mitch8888

1. A very cool person
2. A phrase used by someone who just did something incredible. ex. I pulled a Holly!! Wow!!
3. A girl I know who is extremely cool and should be treated better by her closest friends than she is!
4. A girl who truly knows how to party!
1. She really reminds me of Holly, because she's so cool!
2. Did you see that? That was SUCH a Holly!!
3. You should treat Holly better, you are being bitches to her.
4. That Holly should party with us guys...damn!
by Mitch8888 August 01, 2005
a nub is referring to a really short penis and/or other body parts
Max's nickname is nub because his penis is so short!
by Mitch8888 August 03, 2005