3 definitions by Mitch Martin

1. A form of momentum which is absolutely unstoppable.

2. An expression used to describe the fact that somebody is on a roll with jokes, witty remarks, or just general awesomeness.
"Man, that's like 5 in a row....It is apparent that you cannot stop the Crewementum"
by Mitch Martin August 08, 2007
A week long celebration beginning on September 15th each year, culminating on September 21st.
"Man, I am so pumped for Crewemanium this year. Do you think Carl Weathers will show up?"

by Mitch Martin August 08, 2007
An expression used to convey feelings of annoyance, irritation, dissatisfaction, or general disgust towards a particular situation, or a comment made by somebody.
"Man, that new Vin Diesel movie is amazing!"
by Mitch Martin August 08, 2007

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