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Nickname for 50 Cent
From Madea's Class Reunion (play)

Madea: You know who get on my nerves?
Cora: Who?
Madea: Kreflo Dollars Hairburn, that rapper.
Stephanie: You mean 50 Cent?
Madea: Or ten nickels, four quarters, or something.
by misterissues June 21, 2009
Spelling a word wrong, then publishing it in some way where many people can view it.

Comes from Tyler Perry's DVD play of 'Diary of a mad black woman', Where Madea's name was misspelled 'Medea'.
Man 1: Hey, dude, check out this idiot's blog.
Blog: Taht moran wus so dum i wantd to kil him
Man 2: That guy must be diary spelling.
Man 1: ...... or he could just be retarded.
by MisterIssues June 28, 2009

Slang for 'half flaccid penis' or 'incredibly small and useless penis'. This is said to originated with the Tourette's Guy.
You Have a flat tire.
by misterissues June 11, 2009

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