67 definitions by Mister Ignorant

What to say when a herd of rhinos come chasing towards you.
"I know what to do ... JUMANJI!"
*rhinos still chase you*
by Mister Ignorant May 13, 2004
Doughnuts. 'Nuff said.
Yeah, that's it. Doughnuts.
by Mister Ignorant May 17, 2004
Awesomeness. True awesomeness.
Remade in the 2000's with Peter Time
by Mister Ignorant June 24, 2004
Brother of Kelvin Pork and Kalvin Ham
by Mister Ignorant March 29, 2004
See Triple H
Big nosed bastard.
by Mister Ignorant April 30, 2004
Macho Man Randy Savage.
"Oooooh yeah! Be a man, Hogan!"
by Mister Ignorant June 28, 2004
For those who think Hula Hoops shouldn't be round.
Oi, *insert name here* NOOOOOOOO! Hula Hoops are round and they'll stay around for ever!
by Mister Ignorant April 21, 2004

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