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The future of our world.

Shopkeepers shift their eyes to them when they enter a shop, because of the ageist attitude the world has towards them. Icy glares all round. And it doesnt matter if last week these very teenagers walking did a ten mile barefoot walk for amnesty international, or helped out volunteering at a literature festival, or performed at a cancer research fundraiser (which they did)

they are teenagers, and therefore scum,
i blame "the times" for the prejudice, and "the sun" for the problems of the world.
Shopkeeper 1: Hey, look at those teenagers, they are obviously here to rob, steal and plunder our goods"
Shopkeeper 2: I know...look at the scary blood drive flyers theyre handing out, and their t-shirts saying "GIVE BLOOD.GIVE LIFE
Shopkeeper 1: they probably stole them, too.
by Missindependant June 03, 2009
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