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When a male and female have sex. The male mixes the ingredients. After they are done the result is a putang-pie in the female. Putang (pussy) Pie (dessert)
I just had the best slice of pu-tang pie.

Damn I gotta get me some putang- pie.

Why you all smiling son, you eat putang pie or something?
by Misshudson June 05, 2005
Clos-tro: Fear of being trapped in small spaces. The slang for "clostrophobia".
Billy couldn't find the exit sign in the movie theatre. So he freaked the hell out and his date called him out in front of the theatre by giving Billy a new nickname, "clostro".
by Misshudson June 05, 2005
Feminine structured feet.
Billy likes me cause he thinks I have pinky toes.

Billy's boys make fun of him cause he's got pinky toes.
by Misshudson June 05, 2005
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