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Japanese for Guy x Guy or Guy on Guy love a.k.a. male coupling. Yaoi is the coupling of any male of any kind. Including: Anime, Manga, reality, Books, Video Games, Movies, etc. Related to Yuri: Girl x Girl/Girl on Girl and Shonen-ai: Yaoi but with a little less "action" per say.
sasunaru: Sasuke x Naruto a Yaoi/Guy on Guy or Gay coupling from the Anime/Manga Naruto

Yaoi Fangirls can be obsessive.
by Miss_MEWKID_Magitech April 19, 2008
short for you would have.
you'd've thought he would've learned not to touch the stove by now.
by Miss_MEWKID_Magitech April 28, 2008

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