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A club run by a guy named Robin, who neglects his club entirely and the last post he made in the club was when he first made the club.
In OC, you MUST worship the populars, or you will be attacked by ass kissers.

All of their dolls are wemo and trashy and have nothing but piercings.
They can't take a joke, have no sense of humor and love to make fun of others who haven't been here very long.
wemo: zomg lyk ur doll iz soooo cool! it has a scene bob just lyk mine!
wemo2: yah thx its so kewl!!!!!1111!!!! muffinz

popular: i hate all black people. blacks go die in a hole. i'm the queen of OriginalClub.
ass kisser: zomg lyk true dat!!!!!111 i luff u!!! we worship you and ur wemo doll!!!!!11

noob: hey look at me im so hot
regular person: wtf no that's not you, and put some clothes on!
noob: yah it is
regular person: proof pic?
noob: logs out and never logs in again

wemo2: -posts picture- look at me im so ugly see! -cutz-
regularperson: you're pretty.
wemo2: no im not!!!!!1111 rawr muffinz skittlez
by MissTaraBanks April 25, 2011

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