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"Site modeling" websites use social-networking websites (most often Myspace, but unfortunately now Facebook as well) to post pictures of "models" who are more often then not 14 year old girls taking pictures of themselves, then editing the hell out of them, perhaps putting them in black-and-white or sepia. The site modeling site will have multiple "models" who send them pictures on a weekly basis to be displayed on the groups page under emo kid "model names". These girls are not real models, do not make any serious steps to become real models, and are just out to beg for compliments and attention.
I just took 3498 pictures of myself pouting and holding a teddy bear in front of my mirror. I think I'm going to be a site model for RejectionSadFaceBooHoo Site Modeling, and use the name Tiffany RainbowDinosaurMurderStarVomit.
by MissMarlaSinger June 20, 2011

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