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4 definitions by Miss maya

A yiddish term used as an exclamation to describe something as crazy or bizarre.
Oy veh, that putz has got to be mashugana to think I would go out with him!!
by Miss maya January 06, 2006
449 133
hispanic slang for WHITEY THE WHITE MAN. This is what they call you in spanish when you diss 'em in english.
Mira a la pinche guerro!! He thinks he so tough but he's just a racist loser.

Also the name of a recent Beck album.
by Miss maya January 03, 2006
139 120
Adjective; Used to describe an action or event which is considered to have gone quite smoothly. Also can be used to describe a physical attribute. Is best used with a fake british accent.
" The party went smashingly well considering Philipe drank all the whiskey and peed in the pool." - or - "That Lily always dresses smashingly for the opera. I wonder where she got that lovely frock."
by Miss Maya January 03, 2006
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Yiddish term for a small penis...usually used as an insult to someone.
I couln't sleep with Harold..he had such a pisher I almost laughed!! or Jimmy is such a pisher...I think he stole my wallet!! Oy!
by Miss maya January 06, 2006
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