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A barbaric holdover from caveman survival/ war games. In modernity, it contributes to chauvanism, violence, and heartache in public school gyms.
"Yo, Gino, check out this fag who can't play no football."
by Miss Lonelyhearts October 25, 2004
A town in central NJ where conformity, mediocrity and McMansions are prized above all else. Expect to be ostrocized if you do not:
-play soccer
-have blonde hilights
-relate to "The OC"

see also: 10th circle of hell
Typical day in Plainsboro: Wake up, spend 30 minutes straightening/gelling hair, go to school, remain in a cloud of insipidity for remainder of life.
by Miss Lonelyhearts October 25, 2004

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