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3 definitions by Misingnoglic

Someone who understands that runescape is a boring game and its much more fun to have a program play the game FOR you
A runescape macro user can be anyone with khaki shirt and dark green pants
by misingnoglic June 19, 2009
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In a forum it is when somebody post in a thread that is old, and bumps it back to the top.
may 21 2007:
Hello people

october 26 2008:
Hi how are you doing

october 26 2008:

by Misingnoglic October 26, 2008
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Some dickwad who decided to write a 1000 page book called "The History of the Modern World," which is despised by AP Euro students all over the world. Was head of some historical society, but died in 1992 (though some assholes still make new editions to further the pain of these students.
Even R.R. Palmer's wife feels sorry for students who have to lug the book around, since it's so damn heavy
by Misingnoglic December 15, 2010
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