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A special and secret fight technique that originates from an inner-city area of Manchester, in North West England, called Harpurhey; which is located approximately three miles north east of Manchester city centre. The technique is greatly feared and just the mere mention of possessing Harpurhey shuffle knowledge, as a combat skill is enough to make opponents turn and run. Although the technique is a closely guarded secret, rumour suggest that it involves shuffles across the path of an appointment, making sure he/she takes small, quick steps to stay in contact with the ground, this enables them to change direction quickly and at will. The foot work is combined with a windmill type arm manoeuvre which has been described as too fast to explain.
Man 1# See that lad over there, he’s been saying you’re a nut job
Man 2# Oi, shit head, have you been putting it around that I’m barmy…
Man 1# Watch out our kid, he might look small but I heard that bloke is from Harpurhey and knows the Harpurhey shuffle
Man 2# Oh shit
Man 1# He’s coming over
Man 2# leg it!!
by MishLoz November 07, 2012

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