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numerous, several
by mish September 06, 2003
Gobbi, Bryan

Wicked guitar player insanely coo. WENT TO DOUGIMUN! long heavy metal hair ... HAWT
"Did you see Odium play last night?"
"Yeah dude, Gobbi rawked."
by mish February 19, 2005
roughly translates to 'my cock is so small and bent that it can unlock handcuffs'
Cam'ron writes: "I unlock handcuffs, my cockmatics"
by Mish July 01, 2004
Blehj is a universal word that can be used as any part of the sentence. It is often used in friendly and fun situations as it replaces a name of a person who you are somehow familiar with. Can be also spelled Blej.
Hello blehj. How you doin blehj?
by Mish February 15, 2004
Pweb is a name of a made up animal with green soggy skin and bipedal structure and an overall "froggy" look. A response to the word is often that the other person grabs his/hers cheeks, stretches them out and starts doing shortly interrupted churchling sounds.
Pwebs have been invented in UK during an English lesson as a part of a social debate concerning gypsy community.
Pweb is teh pwab is teh plime to the twab.
by Mish February 15, 2004
Tard Ass : some one who is being a bit of a DICK HEAD and being supremley stupid and non sensical at the same time.
mike : yo man, yo momma is one fat sombitch, i bet she eats corn dogs fro breakfast.
by mish February 11, 2005
the ultimate selfish tank, also someone who is a HORRIBLE driver!
you're such a molly breen
by mish September 06, 2004

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