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another name for the female clitoris
I flew my fighter into her deathstar and once i shot my load into the center it exploded
#clit #sex #star wars #fighter #orgasm
by MirHawk February 05, 2009
ussually referring to someone who magically gains boobs over a short period of time and are perceived as implants because they are compact and hard.

Damn,Gurl!,when did you get those steel boobs?
#steel #boobs #breats #mirkin #pasty
by MirHawk February 06, 2009
1.what you eat when your somewhere with assorted activities,but there lame,so you eat french fries

2.what you always eat at the BK Lounge
1.skatings lame,lets pool our money for some hot tasty french fries and monsters

2.Ima get some hot tasty french fries with my chicken sangwhich
#french fries #dane cook #skating #chicken sangwhich #monster
by MirHawk April 04, 2009
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