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The Jed Kinson is quite similar to the SamMie Dee..

The Jed Kinson is eXtreme but tame. Promiscuous but monogomous. Polite but rude. Patient but eager. Highly intelligent but a natural blonde. White but black. Awesome but lame.

The Jed Kinson is also the ultimate aphrodisiac. Those who are fortunate enough to come across such a being should immediately become a stage 5 clinger and hold on for dear life! see - 'Sarah Russo' for tips on this

Do not use this term lightly. There have been few that have attempted to slide the Jed Kinson into less than adequate sentences or sub-par comebacks and have been immediately struck dead by lightning!
Oh my god.. My boyfriend Jed Kinsoned the hell out of me last night!
by MinxXx November 07, 2010

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