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v. tr.

1. To lose one's sense of peace.
(a) consumed by dark evils
(b) controlled by a harsh dictatorship which includes examples of Hitler, Stalin, and Riceball.

2. Selling one's soul to the devil or the dark one.

3. Losing one's identity and becoming a sarcastic robot.
(a) often this is done through psychological disruption such as the use of drugs or harsh sex.
"Holy Shit You've just been Queenafulled!" which means (You have just become a jackass)

"Has SHE made u like this (queenafulled)? (This is reference to the sexual punishment used by the one known as the Queen, Dictator of the World.)

Common Words associated with "queenafulled" - Queena

Def. Queena - noun. Also known as the "Evil One" "The Dictator" "Dictator Dick" "Minwoo Molester" "The Sarcastic One" "Queenaball" amongst others.

One can find this Queena from her common sayings such as "I La la la la la (x 50)...... love you" repetition of the la la la like a retard who has a malfunction in the brain. She/He/It is also sarcastic in every she/he/it says. Has a very unusual addiction to starbucks frappucino.

The only known person to conquer this he/she/it was the great one named Jake who has "0wned" the Queena.
by Minwoo August 16, 2004

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