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Any edible device that goes well with fresh geet.
"Hey...Dwevans brought us some geet treats!"

"Man...I wish I had some geet treats. These canned yams are repulsive!"

"Saint Dorothy Mantooth gives out geet treats for Halloween."

"If you are a good little boy, the geet treat fairy will provide you with a bounty of geet treat sustenance."

"Chewbacca enjoys geet treats of the pre-natal variety."

"Oil is the perfect geet treat for your homemade cyborg."

"Yo...i gots the munchies. Go get me some geet treats!"
by Miniscule September 08, 2008
A term used to describe the awesomness of anything.
"Aww geet geet!"

"Let's go get our geet on!"

"This geet is the best!"

"I smell some geet!"

"Please pass the geet!"

"Throw me some geet. I need to wax my chest hair."

"Dude...you wanna go to the geet store?"

"Miniscule is the leader of the geet squad, along with A-Tram and Juribe."

"Man...the St. Louis Rams suck geet!"
by Miniscule September 08, 2008

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