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"...Portland based Chin Up Rocky, mixing elements of pop, screamo, punk and what many are calling post-hardcore. Chin Up Rocky carries a positive if not happy tone that still has enough bite to induce you to get low." -hurdcore.com

In late 2006 Chin Up Rocky began with five young individuals that shared their love of music. Throughout the years people left and people changed. Every minuscule detail has brought the band to where they are today. From the pop punk influences that they grew up with to the hardcore and progressive influences of today, Chin Up Rocky has developed their own style that uses all of the above. In 2010 Chin Up Rocky has their current members that all have put their heart and soul into the new Self-Titled EP.
Chin Up Rocky is in love with you. How do you feel about that? ... Ladies!?
by MiniMacScreams September 21, 2010

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