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The infamous website generally attributed to the conservative platform. Founded by Jim Robinson and based out of Fresno, California, Free Republic is more or less a political discussion group and news forum.

Like any social organization, Free Republic is made up of a varying cross section of society. It has moderates, extremists, Republican-lites, RINOS, Libertarians, even Democrat or left-wing lurkers.

At Free Republic, you'll find lively discussions of current news stories from all over the world, running the gamut of topics and sources. You'll also find members supporting various causes typical of the Conservative agenda (known as FReeping), but again, like all organisations, you'll also find varying degrees of activism and participation.
Visitors to FreeRepublic should, as in all situations regarding dissenting opinion, view the forum with an open mind before making judgements
by Minerva442 June 12, 2005

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