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Used to describe any moment shared between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen that makes your average teenage girl squeal, giggle, or coo like a toddler with a box full of kittens. :-)
"Oh my..! AWWWW! They hugged for 10 straight seconds! That's so freaking Kradorable!
by Minerva June 01, 2012
a townie is basically a person who has no life, and who likes to use crap language, and look down on anyone who dresses differently from then.
They tend to put on a cockney accent to look cool, similar to the accents in the soap "east enders" They get into fights just to impress people.
Boys tend to wear ridiculously large, baggy hoodies, over vondutch caps or nikey caps. They like to wear adidas trainers and sporty trousers.
Girls are similar, they like to wear fake, plasticy "bling" gold hoop earrings, gelled hair into either a side pony tail, or an annoyingly high ponytail so it is above their heads.
They dont pronounce their Ts and they call anyone who has a life and a good education "mommy's girl/boy"
examples of their talk is:

innit? - isn't it?
nang - cool
fink - think
yo, what up homie - hey how are u?
she's well nice - she's very nice
yo u momma's gal - u hav no life cos u hav an education
innit blad man? - isnt it cool?
by minerva July 10, 2004

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