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Simple rules that will help you along the way of asking a female out. Sometimes, a woman knows she likes you but 1 or more of the following reasons

could be preventing her from going out with you.

#1 Make sure you are NOT an associate(Friend, family) of any of her ex's.
#2 Make sure you are NOT an associte(Friend,family,) of any of her enemies.
#3 Always try to be a friend first, a loyal friend.
#4 Make her feel important to you, not just a fling.
#5 Try not to use awkward questions or sarcasm, always be sincere, speak from the heart.
#6 It would help if you don't start any drama.
#7 Don't give up.
Jane: Hey, I started flirting with John, I really like John but I think he's friends with my ex. Can't
go out with him because of this.

Summer: Oh, no, they are ex friends.

John: Hey Jane, I really wanted to ask out this weekend, lets go see a movie as friends.

Jane: Ok, sounds perfect.
by MindfulLove February 12, 2013

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