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George Bush is one....
"He's a right George Bush!"
by Minardi February 02, 2005
Pushing up the Thumbs up rating of your definition on Urban Dictionary. Done to put your definition at the top above others.
Hey Look! I definition bumped my way to the top!
by Minardi August 06, 2005
What our "beloved" **cough** Prime minister seems to enjoy doing to dossiers. Manages to get away with it though, and uses MI5 to make sure anyone who accuses him of doing it will be in a bad way
"Well, er, George, How can we "sex up" this dossier on Iraq?"
by Minardi February 02, 2005
A grouping together of drunken people for the purposes of erotica and sex.
Hey, you comming Lezfest tonight?

Lezfest was awesome!
by Minardi May 07, 2005
The act of sex. Mainly a UK term, but may be international, can't be sure.
Oh no, Ben and Jo are doin' it again, GET A ROOM GUYS!
by Minardi June 18, 2005
A sex crased bi-sexual. Has mad drunken partys. See also lezfest.
Oi Lizbian! Whens the Party?
by Minardi May 07, 2005
The action of moving with corded electrical equipment, such as power drills, in such a way that your cables do not become tangled, thus allowing you freedom to work.

This comes from the rock band Status Quo who set up their movements on stage to allow their guitar cables to stay untangled.
Hey Dude, our wires are getting knotted again.

Then Get Quoing!
by Minardi July 31, 2006

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