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The member of dyo on IRC chat that is the one to always liven up the conversation. Some say Arashi is one to carry on an argument, but that is debatable. Obsessed with Chii to the point of rabid insane attachment, though usually calm, collected and kind. Madly in love with Mina. (YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.)

Also known as "Zoso-san" and "AgentOfFortune".
«¤Zoso-san» Hey... «¤Zoso-san» Does anyone know if I'm a member of any cults?

<AgentOfFortune> You can easily misspell most normal words. <AgentOfFortune> But it's hard to typo curse words. <mahalis> wonder if the guy who came up with Qwerty had that in mind <AgentOfFortune> He probably did.

* AgentOfFortune slips KX a micky... er, gives him a pangalactic gargleblaster
by Minako March 16, 2005

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