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A meticulously crafted nine-member South Korean girl group that debuted in 2007.

The group is currently being used to promote the ideals and agendas of the corrupt Grand National Party (GNP) and its counterparts residing in the United States and Vatican City.

The nine members are not aware that they are being used in such a way.
If the members ask why they're being instructed to wear crucifix jewelry and military uniforms, they are given very simple, innocuous explanations about image improvement and fan base appeal.
Ye-jun: Will the GNP be able to quell opposition to continued compulsory military service and plans to force South Koreans to assist the United States in future foreign country invasions?

Jun-suh: They can if they keep using celebrities like SNSD to glamorize the military.
by Min-jun July 07, 2011

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