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Italians have certain stereotypes to non Italians which are as follows: The men are incredibly vain, chauvinistic and sleazy towards women and assume that if a woman rejects their vulgar advances she must be a lesbian. They think it is flattering for women to be hounded through the streets and whistled at. They rely heavily on ancient achievements when boasting about their culture because they have achieved very little in the last few centuries.
They have a reputation for being cowards in combat, forming alliances with whoever appears to be winning rather than who is right morally, also reknowned for switching sides 'mid-war' if they sense they are on the losing side.
They are regarded as work-shy and lazy, they eat too much. The women are beautiful until they reach thirty and then become enormously fat.
They are associated with the Mafia, and political corruption.
Italians have a reputation for cowardice and being contrary during major historical combats for example in World War II, they switched sides at the eleventh hour.
by Milodevenus November 12, 2010

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