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(1) Epiphanous (or ridiculous) concept.

(2) Extremely well-crafted guitar.
(1) Farenheit 9/11 was a real mindbender!
(or) Dean's latest speech was a real mindbender, even for him!

(2) "My mama was an Epiphone, my daddy was a Fender. That's why they call me....
by Milo Mindbender May 16, 2005
Chegro:Chegroe (noun). PC name for Chigger
Child: "Mama! I was playin' by the sandpit and I'm ate up with chiggers!"

Mother: "Now, son, you know you're
s'posed to call 'em
'Chegroes' nowadays."
by Milo Mindbender July 13, 2005
Main symptom of advanced stage of LPOD.
Characterized by increasing inability to form coherent thoughts or communicate effectively, resulting in uncontrolable urge to attack conservatives with mobian logic, pies, and condiments.
DNC, House & Senate Democrat roster, Klintonistas.....
by Milo Mindbender May 06, 2005
Not your gluteous maximus.
You don't know your ass from Page Eight!
by Milo Mindbender May 16, 2005

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