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This is when two individuals are in a relationship without a title by choice. Both people are clearly together but there is no official status. Couple must have been "together" seriously for over six months to be considered. This situation may be caused because one is afraid to admit their feelings, or one does not truely want to be in the relationship, or they just don't worry about the status. Regardless of how they perceive it, the world sees them as a couple, or common law dating.
Ben: That's not Collin's girlfriend ya know.
Ty: What? They have been "together" forever!
Ben: Oh I know, but one of them, I wont name names, doesn't want to be "dating"
Ty: But.. They are only seeing each other?
Ben: Yes, so they are in a common law relationship.
by Millett5 November 08, 2011
An expression of great surprise! Can be used to substitute nearly any surprise word and is guaranteed to surprise your friends. Origin is that of a student who is a "blessing" to have in class.
"I just got blumpkin!"
"Holy Crappalooney!"
by Millett5 March 03, 2011
A haircut which resembles a reverse mullet. The hair is finely trimmed all over but has longer, curly hair for just the bangs and front. Business in the back, party in the front. Haircut is also often laughed at.
"Did you guys see Jon's new haircut?"
"Oh yeah! He got the Cippy!"
"hahahhaha" (All laugh)
by Millett5 March 03, 2011

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