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Post-Punk Revivalism is a type of indie rock that emulates the sound of Post Punk bands of the late 70s and New Wave bands of the early 80s. They feature a more artsy, complex sound than other branches of indie rock, and often add synthesizer or other electronic sounds to the traditional guitar, bass, and drums. Post-Punk revivalism started in England in the early 00s and, while it is still strongest there today, it has grown in popularity in the US, Australia, and Canada.
Jack: Man, Franz Ferdinand is the shit. I love the Post-Punk Revival!

Niccolo: Booo ripoffs of Gang Of Four's bloody diarrhea
by Millertime!! March 22, 2010
n : an ass that looks as though it could have been found in a sewer.

v : to file a lawsuit against a female
guy 1: So, what did you think of Stacy?
guy 2: She had a nice face, but a total sewer ass.

That bitch won't give me a refund! I'ma sewer ass!
by Millertime!! January 24, 2010
v: To hit someone with a fish.
Jessie: She wouldn't give me my sunglasses back, so I decided to corn-hobble her.


Jessie: Yes. Yes she was.
by Millertime!! April 13, 2010
1. A beautiful dark-haired or brunette person

2. A participant in or lover of raves

3. A fan of the band The Raveonettes
1. Clair is such a raveonette!

2. Zoe is such a raveonette!

3. Lindsay is such a raveonette!
by Millertime!! June 05, 2010

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