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2 definitions by MilleJohn

Italian Motorcycle manufacturer. Rotax engine out of Austria, stronger than Arnold! Making scooters for years, but thats not the coolest. Owns Moto Guzzi and Laverda. Almost bankrupt because of racing.
Aprilia spends money on racing like a crackhead on crack!
by MilleJohn February 21, 2005
Great bikes, but the engines are less reliable than the chevy on blocks in your neighbors driveway. Broken rocker arms, specific tools, broken crankshafts, electrical problems. I would get one if I had a full time mechanic. Aprilia is the way to go, Italian flair the smart way, they specd everything good aviable STOCK. ROTAX!
My 912ie Duacti broke a crankshaft.
by MilleJohn February 21, 2005