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say you got got the shimmy and the shakes and you don't know why. You may be a victem of ... The jimmy funk. This is an odd condition where ones body is imbued with pure funk at its jimmiest. This can result in odd behaviour such as unsolisited dancing and or a wicked bad album. You never know if it'll get you next.
Holy shit I just felt a funk.
Was it kinda jimmy?
I think it was.
You just got the jimmy funk.
No what?
I have an a ensatiable desire for some cherry pie.
Now that funk is jimmy.
by Miles Forrester December 29, 2004
One night I was coming up with words to call someone when I greet them and I was thinking about tacos when I was talking to the ever so sexy hungarian trumpet player. The word Scone popped into my head fused with tacos and sconebre was born which is always to be spelt in Italics.
"Hey sconebre, pass the ketchup."
" Don't do that sconebre, you'll go blind."
(shaking head) "Sconebre"
by Miles Forrester October 08, 2004
Poetry that out of place white people write because they feel alienated and stuff. Basically it's just whining that people claim is art so they're not whiny little wanks they're deep. It's okay for maybe a bit till you realize that you want to write something other how bad life. People who don't pass through this phase will simply write about them cutting their wrists until they finally do. Then you'll feel bad about them. Bah
Sometimes I wish I was a bat. So I can live in a cave in the dark and no one will bother me. I'll also eat bugs. Bats eat bugs you know. I wish I was a bug, so a bat would eat me and all the pain would go away.
typical dark poetry rubbish. freeverse only makes it slightly less annoying.
by Miles Forrester January 02, 2005

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