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What makes them boys go loco. (crazy)
Fergalicious, definition, makes them boys go loco. They run my treasures so they get the pleasures from my photo, you can see it, you can squeeze me, I ain't easy, I ain't sleezy, I got reasons why I'm tease 'em, boys just come and go like caesars. I'm Fergalicious.
by Miku326 February 17, 2011
When two lonely users engage in a sexual roleplay on via IM, MSN, Yahoo, etc using webcam, or microphone because somehow words turn them on.
*Cyber*Kate: *rubs Justin's cock* (since I can't shift) Justin: *puts cock in her pussy*
by Miku326 November 22, 2010
Pictures or movies of japanese women or men having sex. Normally watched or seen by fat ass, lonely men who don't have the balls to get a real girl. How can they fap to the shit? I mean Tentacle rape? Old men raping little girls? Get some ass losers. It's better than looking at unrealistic women. :)
Joe: Dude, look at my hentai of this hot lady getting raped by an alien! So hot! (Since I cannot shift on this. This will have to be together)Kevin: Wow man, quit being a loser and get some ass from real women. Now if you will excuse me, I will fuck my REAL woman in REAL life.
by Miku326 November 21, 2010

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